Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WEFTEC Behind Me...and An Update to My Website!

I just returned from WEFTEC, the largest water and wastewater trade show and educational conference on the planet!  I was honored to speak three times at this year's conference.

On Monday, Oct. 6th, I was the kick-off to a whole new program session at WEFTEC entitled "Meet the Experts".  This small and informal gathering is intended to give various speakers a chance to network with a smaller group and allow for extended discussions on various utility related subjects. 
During this session, I presented a VERY scaled down version of my "MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE" talk and then just had a relaxed conversation with the group gathered to hear me.  It was really a fantastic experience and I am sure it will be something that WEFTEC repeats in coming years!

On Tuesday, Oct. 7th, I alond with Jim Caudle (my plant manager) and Melinda Immel (top-notch engineer from Volkert) presented a talk on our headworks upgrade project entitled "Restoring Lost Capacity Through New Technologies". 

On Wednesday, Oct. 8th, I spoke to the elected officials / decision-makers track on "How to Deliver Oscar-Winning Performance at Your Utility Operation".  This session was open to all decision makers and management staff associated with the utilities industry and uses lessons I have gleaned from popular movies we have all seen to build great organizations.  (Anytime I can put all of those hours I've spent watching movoes at the house to work actually helping me develop a great utility, that's a great day in my book!)

I have also completely revamped my personal website so please stop by there if you have a minute: 

I have multiple ways to connect with you via this site so please reach out and make a connection!  I am more than happy to help YOU do something great in our industry...or business in general!

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