Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Over-Communicate…Even When It’s Obvious

Once you have had your “zen moment” and formed in your head the vision of what you want your company (…or division…or department…or team) to become, it’s time to share this with others.  Practically speaking, it’s impossible to get anything done alone in an organization, regardless of what your title may be.  You need help to get you there.
Share your ideas, your vision, your dreams of what your organization could become with others around you.  Paint a picture for them.  Make it vivid and tangible.  (“Better” is not tangible.)   In salesman’s terms, you want to sell the sizzle. 
For instance, if you were trying to rally a team to win their championship, you don’t talk about “winning” in the abstract.  You describe for them how they will feel when the crowd is cheering and they are standing at centerfield holding the trophy high in the air.  How proud their spouse will be of them for this hard fought achievement.  How good it will feel when reporters are asking you how you did it.  How good it will feel to have other teams courting you to come to their organizations.  Paint a picture that they can see, touch and feel…both of you will benefit!
Don’t keep the Vision you have for your Company a secret. Your employees deserve to know where they’re going and what part they will play in it.  Tell them again and again to insure they hear you and don’t forget the goal ahead.  Repeat it at every meeting in the simplest terms you can find.  Over-communicate this basic building block and you will have taken a key step forward…but never put it down either.  Your team deserves to be reminded constantly what the goal of their hard work is all about… and only you can provide that to them.

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