Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to WOW in Your Interview Now!

I interviewed candidates to fill a management position with my company last week and... wow, was I underwhelmed at some of the performances. Really? You're telling me that this was the best "sales pitch" you could offer? If you won’t prepare ahead of time for an important meeting to benefit you, what makes me think you’d prepare for a meeting to benefit my company?

As a manager, it’s my job to hold the line and hire only theright candidate every time (not the "least worst"). It’s not my problem if most candidates are unprepared for the interview (in fact, it saves me time because those interviews are very short). At the end of the day, I am only hiring the one who is prepared and delivers a great performance.

On a personal level, however, I would like to see more candidates delivering better interviews. To help them prepare to do this, I have been giving presentations in colleges and at job fairs across my area on interviewing skills. I have also been contributing lately to the “Job-Hunt Help” group in LinkedIn. As a result of that, I have been contacted by people from across the country asking questions about this subject.

To broaden the reach of this information, I am offering my slideshow for download freely at the link below. If you ever envision yourself interviewing for another job anytime during your life (and that should include just about all of us), you will benefit from reviewing this PowerPoint Slideshow.

Just follow the link below to download the slideshow. It’s about 17MB in size so give it a minute to download. There are notes in the notes section of every slide for you to follow so it is sort of like reading a book with pictures (…okay, reading a book with pictures that can help you land a job making a whole lot of money). Good luck and good hunting!