Monday, August 5, 2013

A Great Conference in Arkansas!

I was very honored to be a featured speaker at the Arkansas Water / Wastewater Managers’ Association at their Annual Conference which was held this year at the Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, MO (close to Branson).  The Lodge was incredible!  It all looks strangely familiar…until you realize that it is a Bass Pro Shops property and then everything makes sense!  (It’s like sleeping inside a Bass Pro Shops… and that surely has to be more than one person’s fantasy!) 

The conference was fantastic as well!  I delivered a few words on the opening night meet and greet and then spoke four times over the next two days to the group.  The Association picked out a few great topics from my catalog: 
Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

-  How to Turn Your Utility from Kitchen Nightmare into a Top Chef Operation

-  The Importance of Delivering WOW Service to a Captive Audience

-  Engineers Are From Mars, Utilities Are From Venus

If you’d like a copy of my press kit including my catalog of presentations, you can download it here:

The crowd was very warm and engaging.  Thanks to all of you who made it a great conference!  We even got to take in a show in Branson…the Haygoods!  I didn’t know what to expect but came away thoroughly enjoying the entire night and, as if it needs to be said again, those Haygoods are one talented bunch!  I did bring running shoes with me as I am working on losing weight again with summer here (and I’ve lost 25 lbs so far!)  I had no idea that the ground was going to be as hilly as it was!  Where I am from, 30’ in elevation is a mountain!  This little jog in the afternoon turned out to be one of my toughest workouts!

If you are a water or wastewater professional in Arkansas, please look into joining the Arkansas Water Wastewater managers’ Association.  That is one top notch group and really appear to have their act together!  They can probably help you further your own career path in our industry as well.

Here’s a link to their website: