Friday, February 15, 2013

Accomplishing the Impossible

“It might work for you, Rob, because you are a small utility and we are much larger.  It would be impossible for a utility our size to do this.”

 “Rob, we’re much smaller than you and, therefore, our budgets are much tighter than yours.  It sounds easy, but it would be impossible for me to accomplish something like that.”

 “Rob, we’re a city department so it’s probably impossible for us…”

“We’re a union shop so that will not work here…”

 “Maybe if I could get my people a pay raise, I might get them to care, but absent that, it’s going to be impossible at my shop.”

 IMPOSSIBLE.  The way we like to banter that would around these days.  There was a time when we could accomplish great things.  When our heroes did much with nothing. 

There was a time when the top show on television was “MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE” and it was a hit because ordinary people from ordinary jobs found ways to work together as a team to get the right things done.  There was a time when we proudly watched a man step foot on the Moon for the first time and we accomplished that using less calculating power than all of us carry around on our phones today.  There was a time when “McGYVER” was the top hit on TV because here was a man that looked around him all the time and saw what could be accomplished using only what he had on hand at the moment…not what was impossible. 

What is a top hit on TV today?  SURVIVOR…where they take people to an island where people are already living and give them a million dollars if they can somehow find a way to live there, too!

This is nuts.  We must get back to our “can do” attitude!  We CAN accomplish this if we just work together and have faith in our abilities.  Someone…YOU…needs to start the ball rolling.  Not in a big way…but in something.